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Learn to mange conflict, deal with difficult clients and overcome your fear of confrontation with these online courses and other resources.


Here I share my thoughts, ideas and observations on conflict, it’s causes, and how to manage and resolve conflict in your everyday life. 

What is mediation?

How does mediation work?

More than a structured process to explore and resolve conflict, mediation gives the participants the opportunity to create a plan for their future, putting the power and control back in your hands. Mediation results in satisfying, lasting resolutions that cannot be found in adversarial processes.

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About Bec

I used to be a lawyer, but I feel much better now.

For more than 12 years I worked as a litigation lawyer, representing clients from the Commissioner of Taxation to “mum and dad investors”. What I learned during my years as a litigation lawyer was that:

  • Most people want to be heard;
  • Most people want to have their experiences and feelings acknowledged and validated; and
  • Most people want to feel in control of their future.

Mediation gives you this opportunity to have all of this and more.

I know that not everyone loves conflict the way I do. What I see as a fascinating puzzle to solve, many people see as confusing, overwhelming and scary.  That’s why I offer a range of services to support you and guide your from conflict to resolution.

Why you should work with me?

I have a knack for talking to people and for hearing not only what you say, but what you mean to say. Maybe it’s because I was raised in the country. Maybe it’s my Irish-Aboriginal Australian heritage. Who knows?

I am affirmations for everyday

I am statements begin, unsurprisingly, with the words “I am”. They are present tense, positive and unconditional. Some of my personal favourites over the years when battling toxic workplaces have been “I am good at my job” and when unsure about a decision I have made...

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What people say about working with The Everyday Mediator

The calm in a storm of doubt, stress and anxiety.

Bec is the calm in a storm of doubt, stress and anxiety. Talking through my conflict with her helped me understand what I needed to do to get an outcome. She’s empathetic, extremely knowledgeable, and just a delightful person. Get in touch with her – it’ll be the best move you make today.

Martina Donkers

Like watching magic happen

Watching Rebecca negotiate and mediate is like watching magic happen she truly is skilled at what she does!

Linda Reed-Enever

Rebecca was able to quickly create a plan for me to follow.

Very helpful. Rebecca was able to quickly create a plan for me to follow. Even though I was under a lot of stress I felt reassured I was getting the best support from Rebecca because of her legal background and experience in the disability sector. Thank you.

Anthony Shulz

Well rounded, knowledgeable, and extremely good at what she does not to mention efficient.

I was under an extreme amount of stress today due to a conflict and Rebecca was one shining beacon in the dark. She’s well rounded, knowledgeable, and extremely good at what she does not to mention efficient. She is really well versed on all mediation, human interactions and how to word and respond to intense situations.

She helped not only calm my nerves, but get a plan of action in place to move forward with confidence. We all need support in our roles whether business owner or as an employee, and up until now I haven’t realized how valuable this sort of support service is for your business, and for your mental health.

In the past when in stressful situations it has been nightmarish, but with Bec’s support I already feel so much less stressed, and much calmer. That’s worth every cent and more. Highly recommend.

Tash Todd Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Word Of Mouth Co.