What is mediation? How does it work?

Below is a short explainer video where I answer some of your top questions about mediation, starting with, what is mediation? If watching a video is not for you, keep scrolling down and read the transcript.

How I define mediation and the journey on which it will take you


What is mediation? How does it work?

Hi, I’m Bec, The Everyday Mediator and welcome to this short explainer video where I answer some of your top questions about mediation, starting with, what is mediation? Mediation is so much more than a structured conflict resolution process. I like to see mediation as a journey through time and through emotion.

We start the session looking behind us to the past, what’s happened, how it impacted you, and the effect it has had on your work or your life. We then look at the now, how are these impacts continuing to effect you? And what is the ongoing impact of whatever the dispute is? And then, this is the fun part, we start to look forward to the future and think about ways to not only resolve this particular dispute, but also to create systems and strategies so that you don’t have this conflict recurring in the future.

Mediation as I said is also an emotional journey. Often there’s things that have upset the parties that need to be aired and acknowledged. Mediation is your opportunity to tell your side of the story. It’s not about me telling you what to do or what to feel. And it’s not about some judge making a decision about your futures. It’s about the parties to the conflict sitting down, hearing one another, understanding one another’s point of view, and then working together to create a result ,an outcome, a resolution that works for you. Because after all you are the expert in your life. You know what will and won’t work. You know what is and is not acceptable.

I’m there to guide you through this journey. I’m there to make sure that the rules are followed, the rules that we set down together. Although there are some rules that are pretty inflexible such as no hurling assaults at each other, no physical or verbal assault, treat each other with courtesy, avoid talking over the top of each other, and if at any time you need a break let me know. Other than that though pretty much it’s up to you to determine the rules. How long do we go for? Where do we have it? Who’s in attendance?

Watch the next video to find our more about the intricacies and the in and out’s of the mediation process, but for now that answers the big question, what is mediation?

I look forward to seeing you again soon, until then this is Bec, The Everyday Mediator.


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