A Lawyer’s Guide to Managing Difficult Clients


Are you fed up with annoying, distracting clients taking up your precious billable time with non-billable nonsense?

Confident in court, work well with barristers, but an email from THAT client has your stomach in knots?

Had enough of clients giving you pointless instructions and calling to ask the same questions over and over again? Not only do these clients take up your time, they rattle you, distract you, and cause you to doubt yourself.

For years I struggled with difficult clients taking up too much time, giving me useless instructions and just not letting me get on with the job. Then I discovered how to manage difficult clients and get my time back.

Join me for this 5-part course in which you will not only regain control of client relationships and improve client communications, you will also improve your productivity, increase your monthly billing, reduce stress and have more time to spend on the important things.


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