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From Frozen to Fierce: A Busy Woman’s Guide for Responding to Conflict

A Free Guide to responding to conflict and always knowing what to say.

Wouldn’t you love to always know what to say when faced with a nasty confrontation?

Follow the 3-step ESP Formula and you can!

By following the formula Explore + Sort + Propose you will deescalate the conflict and create a more sustainable solution. You will save time and energy by cutting to the point and not getting caught up in unnecessary side issues.

In this guide I am going to give you my tried and tested ESP Formula and teach you how to use it.

Guide to Gathering Your Thoughts

This workbook is designed to help you gather your thoughts, consider the best possible and worst possible responses, and think about how you will reply.

By completing the exercises in this workbook, you will feel confident and in control of the conversation.

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Ready to Mediate: Your essential guide to preparing for mediation

In this Guide

Section 1: Gathering your Thoughts & Preparing for a Difficult Conversation

Section 2: Making Your Opening Statement at Mediation

Section 3: What to Take to Mediation Checklist



What to Take to Mediation, a checklist

The first time you go to mediation can be very daunting. You may feel nervous, uncomfortable and unsure what to expect.

Use this checklist to make sure you are ready to go. It will increase your confidence and ensure that you are able to express yourself and be heard instead of busy worrying that you’ve forgotten something.

Taking the time to prepare for your mediation will help you feel less frazzled and more composed.

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Guide to Your Opening Statement

Opening statements set the scene for the rest of the conversation. This is your first opportunity to introduce yourself, and to tell your story, uninterrupted.  Both parties will have the same opportunity, and it is important that you show courtesy and respect to the other party.

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