Take the angst and bewilderment out of conflict, and relieve the pressure managers feel when dealing with workplace disputes.

Conflict at work can feel insurmountable. You’re caught in the middle and nothing is working. Let me sort out the drama so you can focus on what you do best.

Workplace Mediation

Mediation is a journey from workplace conflict to workplace solution. No two outcomes are the same, because no two disputes are the same.

Workplace mediation is most effective when all parties are committed to working together harmoniously in the future. While the mediation process allows for an examination of past wrongs and present hurts, its main focus is on creating a strategy or plan for the future.

One of the barriers that stop business owners accessing mediation is uncertainty around the costs. As a small business owner, Rebecca understands the cash flow and budget pressures her clients face. To help put your mind – and your wallet – at ease, Rebecca offers fixed price packages for most mediation services.

There are many reasons why employers turn to mediation. Some have tried HR mediation and been unable to resolve the conflict. Others lack the internal HR resources, or understand that a mediator from HR may not appear impartial and detached in the same way as an independent professional mediator.

To find out if mediation can help overcome your workplace conflict, get in touch with Rebecca today

Return to Work Facilitation

Managing an employee’s return to work can be daunting, especially if the reason for their absence was stress, bullying or other mental distress.

Having a compassionate but impartial third party facilitate the return to work negotiations takes the pressure off everyone and leads to durable, satisfying return to work plans.

Performance Improvement Plans

Establishing an employee’s Performance Improvement Plan can feel overwhelming for the manager and upsetting for the team member.

Having a compassionate but impartial third party facilitate the PiP negotiation and ensure everyone understands the expectations, measurement criteria and consequences of failure to comply takes the pressure off everyone and leads to PiPs that actually improve performance.

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